Private Investigator

Ray Torres
Chief Executive Officer
Ray is the Chief Executive Officer of The Duvall Group. Ray has been a licensed private investigator for 15 years and has worked with two national investigative firms prior to starting Top-Rated Investigations in 2006.

During his career, Ray has conducted and managed thousands of investigations. Some of which include SIU related investigations, social media investigations, workers compensation investigation, liability investigation, background investigations, and clinic investigations.

Ray started as a surveillance investigator, conducting surveilllance 5 to 7 days a week. Ray then quickly moved up in the company becoming an operation manager. His responsibilities consisted of assigning cases to the investigators, forming an investigative game plan, scheduling cases, updating clients on a daily basis, and quality assurance. Ray then took a position as the lead SIU Investigator for another company. His responsibilities consisted of obtaining recorded statements, scene investigations, and conducting AOE/COE Investigations. In October 2017, The Duvall Group acquired Top-Rated Investigations, naming Ray the CEO of Duvall Group Investigations.

Ray's main focus with The Duvall Group is quality assurance across the board. Making sure the case is handled properly from the time it is assigned until the file is completed. Ray is originally from New York and currently lives in Orlando, FL with his wife, Melinda and their three children, Raymond, Daymond, & Rayden.
Ray is also a youth baseball coach and enjoys teaching the young kids the game of baseball.

Private Investigator

Jennifer Ramirez
Jennifer Ramirez graduated from Montclair State University with a degree in Sociology and minor in Criminal Justice. After her graduation, Jennifer began her career in human resources and employment investigations. Her first job was managing employment backgrounds for a national pharmaceutical company. Since then Jennifer has worked with organizations such as Nestle, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson and Colgate Palmolive. During her career she has lead employment background investigations, managed national human resources teams and built workforce planning strategies. She is joining Duvall Group Investigations as President. Jennifer looks forward to using her 20 years of experience to our client’s advantage in resolving their investigative needs and ensuring an excellent client experience.

Jennifer is originally from New Jersey and currently lives in Orlando, FL with her husband, Elvin and their two children, Ryan and Matthew.

Private Investigator

Anthony (Tony) Ramirez
Operations Manager
Anthony Ramirez, FSU Graduate Class of 1993 with his Bachelors in Criminology and interned with the State Attorney’s office prior to graduation. Upon graduating from College, He entered the work force originally working with troubled youth, for a Juvenile Justice level 9 program. From there, he continued with his work with children, working for a privately funded program working with physically and sexually abused children, learning interview and interpersonal skills. At this program co-taught a Parenting Program. As the years progressed, in 1997 joined the investigative field, through a referral from a friend, and began his career with Gallagher Basset Services. While in the investigative field, he took this opportunity to learn as much as possible from investigations. Learning to do locates, take statements, and conduct field investigations. While with GB Services, he also leaned the inner workings of the court system.
Leaving GB, and working with his former employer for more than 18 years, where, the levels of experience continued. Working with the Federal Cargo theft Task Force, conducting AOE style investigations, as well as Field Surveillance and other SIU related cases.

Now taking on a position, as Operations Manager, taking all the experiences, and knowledge of the industry, practices and trends to a new height as a Senior investigator, mentoring new staff, and developing programs and reporting procedures..

Private Investigator

Tara Gallahan
SIU Manager
Tara Gallahan is a Private investigator licensed in Florida since 2008.

She attended Keiser University in Orlando Florida receiving a Associates of Arts Criminal Justice degree. A native of Florida, Tara began a career in Private Investigations industry. Working first with a small agency, she began growing her experience in the field.

Her specialties include domestic investigations, liability and workers compensation surveillance, and S.I.U assignments. She has also trained many new investigators on how to conduct surveillance and thoroughly investigate cases.

Most recently, Tara began a new endeavor as SIU Manager for Duvall Group Investigations. With her experience solving thousands of cases in her 10 year career, she uses her knowledge and experience to effectively manage each case and Investigator in the field. Working closely with clients to provide the best services and results.

Private Investigator

Christina Ramos
Quality Assurance

Private Investigator

James Castro.
Field Agent In charge
In 2010 at the age of 18, James became a private investigator and trained for 2 years under the supervision of our CEO. During his time here, his responsibilities have consisted of assigning cases, receiving updates from investigators from the field, and working hand in hand with our CEO.

James main focus with Duvall Group Investigations is to assistant agents in the field with whatever is needed at the time and conducting his own investigations.


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