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The Duvall Group investigates fraud for several lines of insurance. We provide nationwide coverage to our client base that includes workers' compensation, disability, and automotive insurance carriers. We consistently deliver outstanding results and value to our clients. Every assignment is handled with guaranteed personalized attention and is serviced by a team of experienced investigators and adjusters to ensure the highest quality.

Duvall Group Investigations provides surveillance utilizing the most advanced and sophisticated equipment, including specialized surveillance vehicles, overt and covert video cameras and sophisticated communications equipment. Our employees and agents are experts in the art of surveillance and have thousands of hours of experience conducting successful investigations for our wide array of clients.

Surveillance is much more than simply 'following' a subject, it has been accurately described by many as "a highly skilled and technical art form."

Unlike the fictional private investigators and law enforcement personnel depicted on television and in the movies, surveillance in the real world is not scripted and is extremely unpredictable. There is no script, no director, and if it’s not done correctly the first time, there are no 're-takes'.

At The Duvall Group we are always mindful of the objectives and goals of our clients and never forget that we are their 'eyes and ears', making every effort to complete every investigation within the scope and authorization provided.

When you deal with The Duvall Group Investigations, you will speak with a licensed private investigator. You will never speak with office personnel who are not qualified to answer every question and concern. Furthermore, we do not hire trainees or anyone without the required experience to handle any assignment with the highest degree of thoroughness and professionalism.

We also provide the following.

Background checks | Social Media Investigations | Medical & Gym Canvass | Activity Checks | Recorded Statements | S.I.U Investigations | Scene Investigations and much more.

The Duvall Group is a true difference maker in the industry. We have streamlined the investigative process for numerous insurance companies and we can do the same for your company.

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We provide services to all 50 states and provide 24/7 access to our case request portal. Submit a new case on your time.


We offer flat rates that are competitive and include unlimited travel, mileage, free pre-investigation work and background checks.


Our team of investigators is professionally trained and licensed. You won't find a more qualified team to help with your investigative needs.


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